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      Merged the ver_20_1 branch + some minor compiler fixes. · d028163b
      Amorilia authored
      Source files with conflicts (marked with "C" in the log below): resolved manually.
      Conflicts in nifskope/resources: simply reverted to trunk/resources (in other words, they have been left unchanged).
      Skipped files: manually copied with "svn cp" (except for nifskope/kfm.xml, which is a copy of the docsys/kfm.xml).
      Missing targets: ignored.
      nifskope/widgets/uvedit.cpp: reverted (i.e. no changes); something went wrong during merge, I think nothing was really changed in the file but for some reason svn failed to recognize that and applied the patch wrongly
      Compiler fixes:
      gl/glnode.cpp:889: tm &Matrix4 ... -> tm Matrix4 = ...
      Merge log:
      svn merge -r 2124:2522 https://niftools.svn.sf.net/svnroot/niftools/branches/ver_20_1 .
      U    docsys/gen_niflib.py
      U    docsys/nifxml.py
      C    docsys/nif.xml
      U    docsys/kfm.xml
      A    nifskope/options.h
      C    nifskope/nifvalue.cpp
      A    nifskope/LICENSE.TXT
      U    nifskope/spells/texture.cpp
      A    nifskope/spells/headerstring.cpp
      U    nifskope/spells/animation.cpp
      Skipped 'nifskope/kfm.xml'
      U    nifskope/basemodel.cpp
      A    nifskope/options.cpp
      U    nifskope/nifxml.cpp
      U    nifskope/kfmxml.cpp
      U    nifskope/nifmodel.h
      Skipped 'nifskope/glcontroller.cpp'
      U    nifskope/nifvalue.h
      Skipped missing target: 'nifskope/gl/options.h'
      Skipped missing target: 'nifskope/gl/FurnitureMarkers.h'
      Skipped missing target: 'nifskope/gl/options.cpp'
      A    nifskope/gl/glmarker.cpp
      U    nifskope/gl/glproperty.cpp
      U    nifskope/gl/glnode.cpp
      A    nifskope/gl/glmarker.h
      Skipped 'nifskope/gltex.cpp'
      A    nifskope/CHANGELOG.TXT
      U    nifskope/widgets/uvedit.cpp
      U    nifskope/widgets/valuedit.cpp
      U    nifskope/importex/obj.cpp
      C    nifskope/resources/button_view_front.png
      A    nifskope/resources/img_update.png
      C    nifskope/resources/button_view_user.png
      C    nifskope/resources/button_view_walk.png
      A    nifskope/resources/img_flag.png
      C    nifskope/resources/button_view_top.png
      C    nifskope/resources/button_view_side.png
      A    nifskope/resources/img_link.png
      A    nifskope/gllight.cpp
      U    nifskope/NifSkope.pro
      U    nifskope/nifmodel.cpp
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